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well its christmas vacation finally, although its been pretty boring so far. i got to pick out my christmas present, its so pretty, i cant wait until i get it. theres alot going on in my head and i hate it cuz im so confused. a couple ppl noe what im talking about but not many. this is one thing i need to deal with by myself, so sorry to anyone if im hurting them by my decision. either way i would be hurting sumone, and i dont want to hurt either one of them. i think one of them knows where im coming from and wont end up hating me, i hope so cuz i dont want them to hate me. the other one has no idea about it so i cant say much about that. lucky i have a few great friends that are there for me that i can talk to. thanx u guys. ill update in a few days or when sumthing eventful happens.

<33 britt
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