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hey guys! well its saturday and its been a pretty good week for me! we went back to school, that sucked, but i got to see everyone which was cool. i missed everyone, lol.i bought x-mas presents for my bestest buddies, and ive only gave out two. lol. so guys dont think i didnt buy u n e thing, i did, i just dont want to take them to school cuz im to lazy lol. u guys will get them eventually. yeah um what else....i might be going to winter formal, im exicted! cuz ash finally got her bf brandon to say yes, so yay, now all we need is for my parents to say yes. last night i spent the night at ashley's! it was alot of fun. i was talking to brandon for a little while it was funny, he's a smartass, they are so cute toghether!! hehe. ok i dont have much else to say so yeah!

<33 britt
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