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hey people! its sunday night and we dont have school tommorow! wohoo! lets see whats happened this week, school is the same ol shit, lots of drama and lots of homework, but it hasnt rained in a while and i hope it stays like that im so sick of the rain. there has been bees at school and its scary, i dont like them.

this weekend has been pretty good. friday i went to my moms work and check everything out, its a pretty cool place, came home and had a HUGE fight with the parents, but everything is ok now. saturday i rented movies and watched them all day and then went cosmic bowling later that night. i had alot of fun, i dont think words can really describe my feelings about last night, lets just say it was amazing and memorable. but with my luck something bad might happen and ill go back to being unhappy so im not getting my hopes up about n e thing yet. but who noes right. and today i went over to alex's house for a little birthday party kind of thing, it was fun, me and ashley were the only non-family kind of, so i felt special!! hehe it was lots of fun!!

going to winter formal for sure now, parents finally gave the ok for it, so i cant wait for that, me ashley and alex are gunna have fun!!! i love you girls! <3

not much else to say <3 britt
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