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I'm Back!

Wow, I'm actually updating this thing. what's it been like 4-5 months. ah well its finally summer, thank god...and this year actually ended well. Overall freshman year was good. Friends are great...especially manda and alex. hehe thanks guy for everything this year :)

My grades went down this year...but who really cares its just freshman year. parents were kind of upset about the D in math...but as long as i get my credits...I don't care.

New boyfriend...Billy. He's great. It's only been about 3 weeks though. My parents know about him...surprised I actually told them about this one. They like him. His parents like me too...so thats good i guess.

Not really sure what else to write in here...summers going good so far. I'm actually getting out of the house and doing stuff for once, which is a shocker. I miss everyone though...and theres so many people I want to see. Well not much else to write...I'll update later.

<3 Britt

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