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story of my life...

Do you ever just hear a persons voice, the one person you care about more than anything in the world and as soon as you hear his voice you start to cry, because right there is the one thing, the one person who means everything to you and you're so happy that they're in your life but yet you're so upset because you don't really have them, because you're only friends and yet you want so much more out of the relationship but you know that you'll never get exactly what you want. You know that you once had the perfect relationship with this person and now all you are is best friends, and that breaks your heart everytime you think about it. Do you ever listen to that person ramble on about troubles with girls and just want to shake the hell outta them and tell them that the perfect girl for them is standing right in front of them! that you are the one who loves them more than anyone could ever love them. Do you ever feel like you know things would be so much better if they would just realize that the person they're really looking for is right there in front of them, that while they're going out with other girls the one who is standing here waiting for them and always will be is you. Do you ever just wish that you could get the fact that you love them and nobody else into their heads and when you try to tell them this they just think you're joking or you mean it just in a friendly way!? But you don't because really you mean it with all your heart, you mean every single word of it but they just don't seem to get it. And when you see that some girl is hurting them does it hurt you? Do you ever cry yourself to sleep at the thought of them getting hurt by some girl who will never love him like you do? cuz I do .. I cry at the sound of his voice because I'm happy and sad at the same time. I wish for so much more out of the relationship, I wish he'd understand that I'll always be here waiting for him because out of everybody he means more to me than anyone else. I wish that he knew when I say I love him I really mean it with every piece of my heart. I wish that things were back to how they used to be. And just knowing that some girl has hurt him makes me cry because I care about him so much and I don't want anyone to hurt him even though he has hurt me countless times, I can't stand to see him get hurt .. that right there is love. It's when you have millions of different emotions racing through your body all at one time. It's when you care about this person so much that all you want is to see them smile, to see them happy even if he's by someone elses side and some other girl is the reason he has that smile, as long as he's happy...you're happy. And you know that you'll always be apart of his life because you've always been there for him and you'll never forget about him because he is the only boy you really truly love, he's your best friend and you've been through so much with him no one could ever replace him .. ever, you love this boy and you know you do, he holds a place for you in his heart, and you hold a place for him in yours, you'll never forget this boy .. never

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